The Two New Excavators at ESM Resources – Stats & Features

ESM Resources recently unveiled two plant machines for hire. They are the ZX225USLC and the ZX360LC, both from the world-famous Hitachi brand. Hitachi is the name that companies in the construction industries look for. It is the brand that specialises in high-tech solutions, aimed at meeting the challenges of the industrial sector.

Hitachi’s purpose is to provide dedicated pieces of equipment to help businesses minimise risk and streamline their costs. With these solutions, it is easy to fulfil production goals by improving efficiency.

The brand offers a comprehensive range of machinery for construction sites, including the ZX225USLC and the ZX360LC.

Clean and new excavators side by side ready to be deployed.

What Makes ZX225USLC and the ZX360LC Special?

Hitachi has quite a number of excavators, but we have selected ZX225USLC and the ZX360LC for a few good reasons. They are not the biggest machines you will find out there, making them a unique choice for your project.

Many construction sites are situated in confined spaces, which limit the ability to use gigantic excavators. But urbanisation across Australia has forced several workers to deal with the size restriction. Both the ZX225USLC and the ZX360LC are medium-sized excavators that strike a balance between compactness and efficiency.

These machines may have smaller bodies than what many workers are used to, but they can handle the level of workability required on a site. They readily demonstrate their capabilities when used along urban roadways, both on home and commercial construction.

The excavators may be designed for excavating, but they are also extremely flexible. They have attachments that can be switched and modified. With this feature, the machines can adapt to almost any worksite, whether you are working on any of the following projects:

  • Infrastructure: Businesses involved in building for commercial or residential properties can benefit from ZX225USLC and the ZX360LC. Rent the machine you prefer with ESM Resources, and you can have the equipment you need to accomplish construction jobs. Some of the tasks these machines can handle are excavation, demolition, road construction, and urban building.
  • Waste and Recycling: Use the right attachment to turn these excavators into helpful pieces of equipment for material handling. They come with cabs that offer enhanced visibility and stability to make it easier to manoeuvre and operate.
  • Forestry: It is tough to find the right machines for forestry work. The ZX225USLC and the ZX360LC are both fit for the job with their short tails. They are ideal for creating access routes, along with other tasks you may need to accomplish. The excavators are typically used for shearing, cutting, chopping, and loading. They offer greater stability with reinforced parts that make them more durable than standard machines.
  • Demolition: Despite the size, the excavators have adequate power to demolish tough structures. They are precise, as well, so you never have to worry about safety, even when working in urban areas.

Hitachi ZX225USLC and ZX360LC give you the confidence you need when it comes to high-quality performance, reliability, and productivity.

Key Features That Make These Models Stand Out

ZX225USLC and the ZX360LC are excavators that have exceptional qualities. They are not like ordinary machines that come from other brands. Hitachi spent years of research to create a solution that offers plenty of benefits, not only to the companies and operators but also to the environment.

In Australia, there is already a high demand for eco-friendly products. Both the ZX225USLC and the ZX360LC are designed with the environment in mind. These medium-sized machines cater to markets that help customers lower their impact on the environment. It means that you can use the machines without feeling guilty of their emissions and other adverse effects.

Let us take a look at some of the best features of these excavators:

1. Low Fuel Consumption

With the TRIAS hydraulic system, the excavators can perform longer without consuming as much fuel as the older ZAXIS models from Hitachi.

2. Ultra Performance

The machines can move faster with the ability to cancel arm recirculation. They also come with hydraulic boosting systems, which enable high-speed movement during operation.

In cain comfort of a Hitachi excavator.

3. Great Comfort

The cab offers more space for the operator’s legs with the console and seat sliding further back. The console on the right side was also redesigned to be ergonomic. Plus, the entire cab gives peace of mind, thanks to the enhanced viewing capacity. It also has heated air suspension seat, which makes working in cold climates a breeze.

4. Versatile and Durable

Installation of attachments has become easier with two extra spools located in the control valve. Attachments allow the machines to perform other jobs apart from excavating. They are also quite durable with stronger brackets and other parts that can effortlessly withstand rugged terrains.

Servicing a yellow excavator to perfect condition.

5. Easy Maintenance

Features are designed to be accessed easily. This way, the machines can be cleaned and maintained without any problems.

Hitachi is known for its excellent after-sales services. If you need any assistance for your plant equipment, you will quickly get the required help. It works the same if you hire the machine. Maintenance is critical even though it can be costly at times. In fact, maintenance and servicing, specifically those pieces of equipment that are no longer covered by the warranty, will cost some money. Up to 40% of your construction project costs could go to maintenance.

Yes, it is quite expensive, but it is necessary. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The absence of proper maintenance can cause a ripple effect on your projects. It can stall their progress, causing you to miss due dates. As a result, your business could suffer from lower profits and negative feedback from your clients.
  • Adequate maintenance and servicing can help you save money in the long run. It is well worth the investment, mainly because a fully functional machine will avoid frustrations. Instead of waiting for more prominent issues that are costly, opt to fix the smaller problems right away. It is a more affordable solution, after all.
  • Safety is another reason. More than 107,000 workers in Australia claimed their workers’ compensation after severe accidents and injuries. Machinery operators and drivers were in the third spot as the occupations with the highest rates of serious claims.
  • Also, millions of dollars go to lawsuits due to these injuries. Construction is one of the top three industries that make up 69% of fatalities in 2018. You do not want your company to be a part of any of these numbers.
    Finally, your goal is to be as efficient as possible. Being productive is vital if you wish to increase your return on investment.

Excavators are essential, so you want to take care of them to keep them functioning throughout their lifespan.

Does Your Project Require an Excavator?

Typically, large projects, such as demolition and, of course, mining excavation, require an excavator. When your site requires a powerful machine, an excavator may be what you need. If you have to perform specific tasks, such as digging, you should have this machine ready.

If you are still unsure, take a look at the list of jobs below:

  • Digging trenches
  • Mining
  • Demolition
  • Moving large and heavy objects
  • Site grading
  • Landscaping
  • Rail construction
  • Forestry jobs

If the task you need accomplishing is listed above, you should have an excavator on-site.

How to Choose the Right Excavator for Your Project

The excavator you require will depend on the job you wish to complete. Most of the time, your final choice will be based on size. The ZX225USLC weighs 24 tonnes while the ZX360LC is 35 tonnes. When you often work at small to medium-sized spaces, these excavators are a great option. They have enough power and good reach, which allows you to accomplish a lot of tasks.

Other factors to consider are the digging depth, lifting capacity, and your budget. The ZX360LC and ZX225USLC have an excellent reach and can also lift heavy materials because of their robust hydraulic systems. However, these machines are not exactly the cheapest, so it is always better to hire them, particularly if you work on projects with different requirements.

Western Australia Rules and Requirements

Employers should ensure operators have appropriate licences and certifications before they can use an excavator. According to Regulation 4.45 (Minimising Risk to Operators of Powered Mobile Plant), the machine should have the necessary protective devices for the operator to use. It does not matter if it has been deemed safe after a risk assessment.

Other requirements are:

  • All excavators and other tractors should be fitted with a rollover protection structure (ROPS) if their mass is more than 800kg to 15,000kg.
  • Hydraulic excavators should have a combination of protective solutions for the operator based on the Australian Standard AS 2294. This standard should only be applied to power mobile plant equipment with a power rating of at least 15kW.
  • Driving the excavator does not require a licence. However, using it for construction and other purposes is a different story. Crane and hoist operation, as well as forklift and other related jobs, require a licenced operator.

ESM Resources is a company that strives to offer the very best options for its customers. It is why we have chosen these Hitachi ZX360LC and ZX225USLC excavators. They are designed to do more than just meet your requirements – they will exceed your expectations as well.

Two ESM Resources excavators with the yard and machinery in the background.