WL-09 Hitachi ZW310 Wheel Loader

Hitachi is a brand well known for its uncompromising commitment to quality and durability. For over 40 years, consumers placed their trust in Hitachi’s commercial products for work across numerous industries.

The WL-09 Hitachi ZW310 Wheel Loader is consistently one of the company’s most popular machines of its kind. The bucket capacity is the most frequent praise when asked why this is a favourite of customers.

Durability and Features

  • Enhanced visibility for the operator
  • An LCD screen with multiple functions that shows the operator information as well as the adjustment function
  • A clutch cutoff system makes the operation smoother when the loader is loading
  • An intelligent transmission control chooses the best gear for a given situation automatically
  • Inspection and maintenance are easy because of the newly designed engine cover that allows quick access
  • Wide steps and a sloped ladder allow for easy access
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  • Heated driver’s seat with air suspension
  • Climate control
  • The machine’s steering column tilts features telescopic action and pops up
  • Built-in cool box chilled by the air conditioner
  • Legroom
  • Storage and cup holders
  • Large sun visor
  • Machine overall height is 3830mm
  • Operating weight 25000 kg
  • Automatic transmission
  • Load sensing capabilities
  • Fuel tank capacity 375L
  • Hydraulic controls for arm and bucket on a single lever
  • Anti-drift system
  • Automatic leveller
  • Ride control to reduce vibrations on various terrains
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Power boost switch for operator

Environmentally Conscious

  • All resin parts on the machine are recyclable
  • A muffler filter traps pollution
  • Emissions standards help to increase fuel efficiency
At ESM, we are serious about our machines and how well they operate. Before you arrive for your vehicle, we are sure it is clean and up to date on maintenance. If the vehicle does not meet your expectations or fails to perform, contact ESM right away. We will assist you and solve your problem.

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