WL-09 Hitachi ZW180

Hitachi built its reputation on creating top of the line machines equipped with cutting edge technology to assure the best performance possible. The Hitachi ZW180 wheel loader is no exception. It brings the strength and versatility you expect from Hitachi to a wide variety of industries.

Durability and Features

  • Increased visibility because there are no pillars in the windshield
  • Easy access to the engine for ground-level maintenance
  • Clutch cut-off system enhances the smoothness of the operation
  • Smooth lowering lift arm
  • Improved maneuverability to increase productivity
  • Eco display
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • New hydraulic circuit enhances productivity
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  • Air suspension driver’s seat is heated and adjusts for extra legroom
  • Sound insulation reduces job site noise
  • A double filter system keeps dust out of the cab
  • A cool box large enough to hold four cans or bottles cooled by the air conditioner
  • Telescopic tilting steering column for easy positioning
  • Storage space and a large cup holder
  • Climate controlled cab for operator comfort in all types of weather
  • A two-speaker AM/FM stereo with a dock for your MP3 player
  • Wide steps and sloped ladder to get in and out easily
  • A six-cylinder water-cooled turbo engine
  • High-performance axle
  • The automatic transmission takes away any guesswork
  • A delayed shift to third gear to promote safety in tight spaces
  • 6.7-litre engine
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Fuel tank capacity of 235 L
  • Drawbar with locking pin
  • Bolt-on belly guard
  • Variable work modes conserve fuel during regular tasks and allow for increased power when needed
  • Quick power boost button
  • Added glass panels on the door and a large sun shield help give the operator excellent visibility
  • Rearview monitor for increased safety
  • Five gear transmission
  • Daily checks from the ground level
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