Water Cart Dry Hire

A water cart allows you to carry & distribute water. Whether you work in the mining or construction industry, you will benefit from using a water cart for your business. In particular, the Pilbara where the surroundings of must mine sites are consumed by wind-fueled clouds red dust which can be reduced by regular ground watering.

Dust Minimisation

Water carts are also great for dust control. They have a few spray nozzles, which deliver water to specific sites. It is why they are preferred when hydrating mines.

Often, water carts are categorised into two types: dump or tipper truck-mounted and road truck mounted.

Both are used in the construction industry mostly. Road truck-mounted water carts function like any other vehicle. It means that they can travel on the road because they are registered. For this reason, some businesses choose this type of water cart since it is convenient to use them for a long-distance journey, for instance.

However, some construction professionals opt for tipper truck-mounted water cart because of its capacity. Using a road registered car will only allow up to 20,000 litres of water. On the other hand, dump trucks are huge, and they can carry more litres of water.

The core function of using water carts is to hold large volumes of water. Usually, cartage services require such transport of water, which is contained in a mounted apparatus.

Some of these cartage services include:

  • Suppressing dust
  • Hauling water
  • Filling pools or tanks.
  • Having a water cart ready also lets you deliver water during compaction or in a landscaping project.

Whether you need dust control on your construction site or you continuously require water for a road construction job, you can find the water cart you can hire here at ESM Resources.

WC- 13 ISUZU FYH 300/350 8×4

  • Weight with cab- 45,000 kg
  • Weight without cab- 30,000 kg
  • Low-speed gradeability- 59 per cent
  • Frame-mounted aluminium fuel tank- 400 l
  • Locking fuel tank
  • Load sharing front suspension
  • 90-amp alternator
  • 24-volt electrical system
  • Stabilizer bar attached to the first front axle
  • Double acting hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Isuzu electronic stability control
  • Air controlled exhaust brake
  • Engine- ISUZU 6UZ1-TCN
  • Six-cylinder 24 valve SOHC
  • Power- 257kW @ 2,000 rpm
  • Torque- 1422 Nm @ 1,400 rpm
  • Air assisted hydraulic control clutch- single plate 432mm
  • Ten-speed constant mesh transmission
  • IESC off/on


  • Engine- Cummins ISC and ISL
  • Transmission- Mack, Eaton, or Alison
  • Power 300-350 horsepower
  • On/off fan clutch
  • Automatic slack adjusters for front and rear brakes
  • 60-litre fuel tank
  • Air isolation with dual shock absorbers

WC-08 Isuzu FYH300/350 8×4 Watercart

  • GCM 45,000kg
  • Antilock brakes
  • Electrohydraulic cab tilt
  • GVM 30,000kg
  • Available in manual transmission (nine-speed with synchromesh)
  • Available in an automatic transmission (six-speed Allison)
  • Electronic instrumentation and warning lights

WC-09 Isuzu FVZ260

  • 200 L frame-mounted steel fuel tank
  • 24-volt electrical system
  • ABS brakes
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Air controlled exhaust brake
  • GVM 26,000 kg
  • Meets EEV emissions standard
  • GCM 36,000 kg


  • Engine- Isuzu 6HK1-TCS
  • Weight with cab- 36,000 kg
  • Weight without cab-26,000 kg
  • Frame-mounted fuel tank (steel) 200 l
  • Frame-mounted fuel tank (aluminium) 400 l
  • 24-volt electrical system
  • 90-amp alternator
  • Air assisted hydraulic control in manual transmission
  • Nine-speed transmission
  • Air controlled exhaust brake
  • All rear wheels have a spring park brake
  • Hill start aid on manual transmission models
  • Torque- 981 Nm @ 1450 rpm
  • Power- 221 kW @ 2400 rpm
  • Anti-lock brake system
  • Drive ratio- 6.142:1 (manual)
  • Drive ratio- 6.426:1 (automatic)

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