Tipper Truck Hire - Competitive Pricing

You may wonder why you need a tipper truck. Perhaps you are deliberating as to whether or not you will rent one of these vehicles here at ESM Resources.

Tipper trucks, also known as truck lorries or sometimes, dump trucks, are useful in any worksite. To figure out why tipper truck hire is suitable for you, a few things should be considered. They include what these trucks can do for you or your business and what kinds you can choose from.

These trucks offer many benefits for your current or upcoming project. They specialise in transporting different materials in bulk. This way, your workers do not need to go back and forth to get rid of these often loose materials.

Tripper truck hire is incredibly useful, especially if you are thinking about moving certain materials, including grain, sand, and gravel. The vehicle also works well with dirt, asphalt, snow, and construction aggregate. Many companies use these trucks to move turf and wood chips to another location.

Using them for your business will help save time and costs. Our 12-tonne tipper truck will keep transporting materials easier. ESM Resources has some options for tipper trucks, including the FVZ 1400 and the Hino FM500. All these vehicles can move different materials despite their size and heaviness.

If you contact ESM Resources now, a tipper truck will soon be mobilised to fit your needs.

TT-02 Isuzu FVZ1400 6×4 Tipper

  • Manual transmission available nine-speed with air-assisted shift
  • Automatic transmission available six-speed ALLISON 3500 Series with electronic controls and adaptive shift
  • Hill-start aid for manual transmission models
  • GCM 36,000 kg
  • GVM 26,000 kg
  • Meets EEV emissions standards
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Cold riveted ladder frame
  • 200 L frame-mounted steel fuel tank
  • Lock-on fuel cap


  • Engine- SiTEC Series III 295 (ISUZU 6HK1-TCS) 6-cylinder 24 valve SOHC
  • Maximum torque- 981 Nm@ 1450 rpm
  • Power- 221 kW @ 2400 rpm
  • Frame-mounted fuel tank (steel) 200 l
  • Frame-mounted fuel tank (aluminium) 400 l
  • Recirculating ball steering (power assist)
  • Weight including cab- 36,000 kg
  • Weight without cab- 24,000 kg
  • Nine- speed transmission featuring air-assist shifting
  • Loading limit at the ground (front) 6,600 kg
  • Loading limit at the ground (rear) 18,100 kg

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