Plant Tag Trailer Hire

Tag trailers are a type of lift axle. They do not have their own power. They generally work as behind the tandem axles, which are normally on a truck or sometimes, a tractor. It is why they are called a “tag” because they go after the driving vehicle.

Typically, tag trailers are a semitrailer, which only has one axle or axle group, which is located towards the end of the load-carrying surface. Using a rigid drawbar, you can easily connect a tag trailer to a towing vehicle.

Although you will not purchase a tag trailer but hire one, it does not mean you can pick any equipment available. ESM Resources provide you with high-quality tag trailers that you can rent without the high cost.

Our trailers can take up to 14 tonnes of weight. With a deck measuring 7000L x 245W x 1000L, you have plenty of space and capacity for carrying your project necessities.

ESM Resources tag trailers come with S-Cam air brakes, along with other features, such as load-sensing valve and a ring hitch. The landing leg makes it easy to place and remove any heavy or bulky material on the trailer. Aside from offering stability for the entire vehicle, it also allows the body to be more manoeuvrable.

A tag trailer is an indispensable piece of equipment that you need whenever there are cumbersome trappings that should be moved from one place to another. Contact ESM Resources directly for tag trailer hire.

PTE Dual Axle Plant Trailer

  • Generous dimensions of 7000L x 2450W
  • 14 T capacity
  • 1500mm drawbar
  • 17.5 radial tires
  • Spare tire included
  • 18T aggregate
  • Valve with load sensing capabilities
  • S-cam air brakes

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