RO-17 Dynapac CA5000D

Dynapac, a part of Atlas Copco, produces top quality machinery for a variety of industries. We see a large number of their products in the construction industry. The RO-17 Dynapac CA5000D is a sturdy single drum vibratory roller that can simplify any job requiring rolling. This machine works efficiently on a variety of surfaces including clay, silt, sand, gravel, rock fill, and blasted areas. Additionally, the Dynapac CA5000D is useful on multi-graded surfaces, base surfaces, and subbase surfaces.

Durability and Features

  • Latest emissions features
  • Adjustable vibration frequency
  • A meter to monitor frequency
  • Automatic idling after ten seconds in neutral
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  • Minimal vibration frequency high/low amplitude 29/30 Hz
  • Hydraulic systems in place for smoothness
  • Wide cab for easy entry
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Spacious interior
  • Wide view for safety
  • Comfortable driver’s seat
  • Front width 2340 mm
  • Rear width 2130 mm
  • Length 6240 mm
  • Height with ROPS/cab 2890 mm
  • Height without ROPS/cab 2130 mm
  • Drum width 2130 mm
  • Drum diameter 1536 mm
  • Drum shell thickness 43 mm
  • Wheelbase 3100 mm
  • Ground clearance and curb clearance 450 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity 272 L
  • Variable speed range (dual/ TC/ AS) 4/ 6/ 7/ 11 km per hour
  • Three levels of Dyn@link to make monitoring your equipment easy
    • Dyn@link Standard- Records the location of machinery once an hour. The tracking system works on Dynapac equipment as well as that made by other manufacturers. Predetermined Geo fences will send an alert if equipment ventures outside of the parameter
    • Dyn@link Advanced- Records equipment locations once per minute as well as fuel consumption, coolant temperature, and engine load
    • Dyn@link Pro- Offers all of the Dyn@link Advanced features as well as paving parameters linked to the location of the paver. Pro users can also gain access to BPO Asphalt. A tool to optimise the construction process. Additionally, remote diagnostics are available through Dyn@link Advanced And Dyn@link Pro.

Environmentally Conscious

  • You have the option to run your machine in the ECO Mode which allows you to use between 15-20 per cent less fuel
  • Green rolling drums which feature extremely low levels of noise as well as hydraulic biodegradable fuel
  • A fewer number of hydraulic hose fittings
  • Use of a double pump vibration system
  • Automatic idling after ten seconds
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