Smooth Drum Roller Hire

At ESM Resources, we have smooth drum rollers for hire. Perhaps the most traditional roller that you can find, these smooth drum rollers are a mainstay in many compaction projects in Australia.

Smooth rollers are a type of compaction rollers that utilise static pressure, force, and vibration to squeeze or compact materials. Typically, they are used to compress gravel, sand, asphalt, and rocks. Road construction projects often turn to the efficiency of these rollers. This way, the surface becomes smoother and flatter.

Smooth drum rollers are among the most used piece of equipment for roadwork. Therefore, they are commonly what builders and engineers look for.

The model we use here at ESM Resources is a single-drum roller, which is a smooth roller that only has one steel drum. It is located at the front end while the pneumatic tyres are at the back. Some people call it a steamroller or even a road roller.

Our experience as a supplier for plant equipment gives you the guarantee that we can help you with your task. You can use our smooth drum rollers for mining, industrial, and civil projects – even if the site has specific requirements. The durable and robust tyres give the equipment excellent traction.

When you have a road or construction project to accomplish, we have the smooth drum roller that will make your job easier. Use the single-drum roller to compact surfaces, such as asphalt and gravel. That way, you can successfully prepare it for foundations and sidewalks.

If you require smooth drum rollers, do not hesitate to give us a call today.

RO-17 Dynapac CA5000D

  • Front width 2340 mm
  • Rear width 2130 mm
  • Length 6240 mm
  • Height with ROPS/cab 2890 mm
  • Height without ROPS/cab 2130 mm
  • Drum width 2130 mm
  • Drum diameter 1536 mm
  • Drum shell thickness 43 mm
  • Wheelbase 3100 mm
  • Ground clearance and curb clearance 450 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity 272 L

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