DYNAPAC CA5000PD Padfoot Roller

The Swedish multinational corporation, Dynapac, began producing its cutting-edge equipment in 1934. Now with subsidiaries in seven different countries, Dynapac still provides top-of-the-line machinery like the CA5000 PD Pad Foot Roller. A fifth generation Dynapac single drum vibratory roller, the CA5000 PD is ready to help you get the job done right.

Durability and Features

  • Compaction meter
  • Display screen with the position of the roller
  • Compaction analyser
  • Measurement and documentation of equipment efficiency
  • On-screen compaction reports
  • Even weight distribution and stability from the cross-mounted engine
  • Measured analysis of the project allows assessment of various stages to pinpoint areas that need improvement
  • Automatic bounce control protects the life of the roller
  • Electronic drive control
  • Toggle controlled gear shifting in the event of a sudden loss of traction. Available with an optional anti-spin system
  • Excellent turning radius
  • ECO mode fuel-saving system reduces fuel consumption as well as the amount of CO2 produced
  • Service alert indicator
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Keeping your workers safe and comfortable is key to having productive and happy employees. The CA5000 PD offers these features to make the job as pleasant as possible.

  • Reduced noise levels
  • Clean air because of the combustion air intake positioning
  • Climate control cab for maximum comfort in all conditions
  • A spin operator’s seat equipped with steering that allows a 180-degree turn with no strain on the body
  • Advanced ergonomically designed operator’s area
  • Weight- 16,300 kg
  • Weight including the cab 16,500 kg
  • Maximum operating weight- 17,400 kg
  • Drum width 2,130 mm
  • Number of pads 130
  • Pad height 102 mm
  • Pad area 146 cm2
  • Nominal amplitude (high/low) 1.9 mm/1.0 mm
  • Vibration frequency (high/low amplitude) 29 Hz/30 Hz
  • Centrifugal force (high/low amplitude) 330 kN/180 kN
  • Fuel tank capacity- 272 l
  • Engine- Manufacturer/Model Deutz TCD2012L06
  • Engine Type- Water-cooled turbo Diesel
  • Braking system- Failsafe multidisc brake in drum gearbox and also located in the rear axle
  • A low hood profile allows for an unimpeded view in a variety of job situations
  • The cross-mounted engine makes transportation easy
  • Analysis to reveal any weak spots before the next phase of a project starts
  • A system to allow for quick breaking when necessary
  • Maximum uniformity to improve the quality of the project results
  • Over-compaction elimination
  • Tilt indicator
  • Short machine length enables the CA5000 to PD to work in tight spaces
  • Easy access to the engine
The staff at ESM takes great pride in making sure that all of our customers get the right machine for their job. All of our equipment is carefully maintained and inspected before we send it out on a job. Occasionally, unforeseen problems can occur with mechanical products. Should you experience any type of difficulty with one of our machines, please contact ESM as soon as you can. We will find a solution for you and make things right straightaway.

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