Padfoot Roller Hire in Perth & Western Australia

When you need padfoot rollers to accomplish your compaction job efficiently, you are in the right place. Our padfoot rollers are designed to help complete medium to large construction jobs, including roadwork, parking lots, buildings, and driveways.

Also known as sheepsfoot, padfoot rollers have tapered pads that allow them to compress materials. These pads can penetrate the soil with no issues, letting the equipment build its strength. Padfoot rollers generate substantial force, which creates uniform compaction.

Single padfoot rollers allow you to achieve any goal you may have for construction, whether you need to work on cohesive to semi-cohesive to granular materials. Basically, their job is to rearrange soil particles, so that voids will be eliminated or at least lessened. At the same time, they increase the surface density by providing their load-bearing strength.

Using their drum, padfoot rollers will squash and flatten soil. Vibrations, along with gravity, will also help compact the material.

Our padfoot roller, DYNAPAC CA5000PD, lets you monitor the fleet. This way, you can control them conveniently and without fail. They have no grease points but come with ECO MODE for increased fuel efficiency.

DYNAPAC CA5000PD is known for its compact design, which makes moving and transporting a breeze. Pad height is 102 mm, and the pad area is only 146 cm2, yet they have an extra force to crush and level different materials, including soil, asphalt, and gravel.

ESM Resources will provide single-drum vibratory or padfoot rollers, which can take the toughest compaction jobs. Get in touch with us today to enquire.

DYNAPAC CA5000PD Padfoot Roller

  • Weight- 16,300 kg
  • Weight including the cab 16,500 kg
  • Maximum operating weight- 17,400 kg
  • Drum width 2,130 mm
  • Number of pads 130
  • Pad height 102 mm
  • Pad area 146 cm2
  • Nominal amplitude (high/low) 1.9 mm/1.0 mm
  • Vibration frequency (high/low amplitude) 29 Hz/30 Hz
  • Centrifugal force (high/low amplitude) 330 kN/180 kN
  • Fuel tank capacity- 272 l
  • Engine- Manufacturer/Model Deutz TCD2012L06
  • Engine Type- Water-cooled turbo Diesel
  • Braking system- Failsafe multidisc brake in drum gearbox and also located in the rear axle

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