GR-04-CAT 140M

The Caterpillar brand is, since 1925, an industry leader; consistently creating machinery that goes beyond the ordinary. They have an unequalled status because the Caterpillar company never stops evolving and improving. They excel at creating the right equipment to help you get the job done. The GR-03-CAT 140 M is a machine that is an industry-standard for graders. The 140 M is durable and fuel-efficient, making it the perfect machine to handle all grading needs. The 140 M helps you get the job done right, efficiently.

Durability and Features

The GR-03-CAT-140 M Grader brings all the features you need to your job site as well as additions to make your job easier.
  • A digital blade slope meter will help you keep an eye on the grading without manual checking
  • Stable Blade is aware of blade bounce before the operator and can reduce the need for manual throttle
  • The grade attachment ready option keeps the 140 M set
  • The reversing fan option helps to lower the cost and the time of cleaning the cooling system
  • Save up to 20 per cent in your fluid and filter costs with the next generation filter system
  • The 140 M makes it easy to maintain air, hydraulic oil, and DEF filters because they positioned in the same area which you can access with no difficulty
  • Refuel from the ground level
  • All four back wheels have maximum stopping power
  • The LED optional lighting helps you extend your work long after the sun goes down
  • An automatic secondary steering system that kicks in if the main pump pressure drops
  • The optional plough features to keep the path to your site clear
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Because comfortable workers are happier and more productive, CAT offers many upgrades to the operator’s area all meant to enhance comfort and safety.

  • Three points of contact for entering and exiting the cab well- placed to complement the positioning of walkways
  • The rear camera option allows a clear view of the rear of the machine to enhance job site safety
  • A spacious cab with top-notch climate control for comfort
  • Air suspension seat
  • The cab is dehumidified and pressurised as well as sealed to keep out dust
  • Several adjustable points on the operator’s seat for extra support and comfort
  • Net engine power- 186 kW
  • Engine model CAT C 9.3
  • Engine RPM- 2,000
  • Bore- 115mm
  • Torque rise 44 per cent
  • Number of cylinders- six
  • Weight 19198 kg
  • Blade width 3.7 m
  • Cutting edge- 152mm
  • Arc radius- 413mm
  • Throat clearance- 166mm
  • Fuel tank- 378 l
  • Hydraulic system- 55 l
  • Maximum lift above ground- 480mm
  • Maximum depth of cut-735mm
Caterpillar knows you need to get the most value for the machinery, so versatility is a part of the 140 M
  • A real-time readout of cross-slope
  • Product Link allows you to get information such as machine hours, idle time, location, productivity, and diagnostic codes. This makes planning much simpler
  • A hydraulic system that allows for up to seven different functions at the same time to increase productivity
  • Optimised machine balance for maximum drawbar power to the ground
  • A circle drive slip clutch
  • ECO mode to reduce fuel costs
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