Grader Hire

ESM Resources proudly offers graders for hire with GPS. We have machines equipped with 3D GPS with suitable vertical accuracy. With their practicality, graders can help improve your operations and productivity. It is vital to have such reliable grader onsite, especially for construction and earthmoving tasks.

Graders are commonly utilised for civil engineering projects in which the piece of equipment refines surface levels in the most precise manner possible. After working with the excavator, dozer, scraper, or any earthmoving tool, you are left with a rough-graded surface. Therefore, you want to create a flat surface using the graders’ blade.

Grader blades vary in sizes where smaller ones are often useful in projects involving ditches and drains. On the other hand, if you have a larger edge, it is incredibly efficient and can be a part of constructing mine haul roads. The grader will create a pathway for bigger tipper trucks, so they can move around the site effortlessly.

ESM Resources are trustworthy suppliers of graders with 3D GPS. We specialise in dry hire, which allows you to save more money since you utilise someone who is already a part of your team.

When you need a grader machine, you do not have to go anywhere else. Talk to one of our customer representatives who will be happy to assist you with your grader hire needs.

GR-04-CAT 140M

  • Net engine power- 186 kW
  • Engine model CAT C 9.3
  • Engine RPM- 2,000
  • Bore- 115mm
  • Torque rise 44 per cent
  • Number of cylinders- six
  • Weight 19198 kg
  • Blade width 3.7 m
  • Cutting edge- 152mm
  • Arc radius- 413mm
  • Throat clearance- 166mm
  • Fuel tank- 378 l
  • Hydraulic system- 55 l
  • Maximum lift above ground- 480mm
  • Maximum depth of cut-735mm

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