Hitachi ZX360LC Hydraulic Excavator

When your project requires lifting heavy soil, you need a hardworking excavator, just like the Hitachi ZX360LC, on your job site. It supports a higher level of productivity while offering incredible performance and comfort to its operator.

A typical construction project faces different challenges, from its organisation to communication to financial issues. With efficient management and reliable machinery, it is highly likely these problems can be fixed right away.

The Hitachi ZX360LC is here to make things easier, especially when avoiding project delays. The inability to meet scheduled deadlines is a frustration shared by many managers. But this machine is built with such a struggle in mind. It is what you need to get more work done in as less time possible.

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The ZX360LC and Its Features

This Hitachi hydraulic excavator gives an unbeatable performance with its enhanced speed and power. If your old excavator contributes to
missed deadlines, the ZX360LC is the answer. It works smoothly and precisely – exactly what your operators dream of!

Here is a breakdown of this excavator’s top features:

Fuel Efficiency

Running a business and carrying out projects takes time, effort, and of course, money. You need every bit of help you can get to operate cost-efficiently. Fuel is not getting any cheaper, and excavators are power-hungry machines – but not ZX360LC.

It is designed with the energy-saving TRIAS hydraulic system. This technologically advanced feature helps the equipment’s operation in many ways. TRIAS encourages oil to flow well, allowing it to be distributed evenly. As a result, this machine gives a better response and a higher level of precision than previous models.

Additionally, fuel usage is about 15% less when the excavator is in ECO mode. Even in PWR mode, it uses 5% less fuel compared to the older ZAXIS P-mode.

High Durability

Many construction sites have to brave harsh working conditions. Therefore, workers should have machines they can depend on to ensure quality in productivity and result. The ZX360LC is durable with its reinforced parts, including the boom end and foot whose brackets are equipped with bushings. These bushings increase the durability of the machine. Operators do not have to worry about long hours of driving and usage – even in rough settings.

Also, it has a boosted undercarriage and an adjuster cylinder that repels mud. Increased reliability is emphasised as well on the welded parts where the X-beam is located. A big bonus is that you get to lower costs even further. Durable machines like the ZX360LC last for several years even with frequent use. It reduces the need to get a new piece of equipment for your next construction project.

Versatility at Its Finest

It is easy to use attachments with the Hitachi ZX360LC. You can register up to 11 modes on its LCD monitor for straightforward attachment control. Plus, there are two extra spools located in the control valve to make installations a breeze.

Speedy Operations

The hydraulic boosting system is responsible for enabling the roll-in speed of the arm whenever the load is low. The power-boost increased by 10% compared to older excavators. It means enhanced lifting, swinging, digging, and the overall performance of the machine.

Powerful Yet Sustainable

Hitachi is not only about improving the efficiency of its products but also how they impact the environment. The ZX360LC comes with a muffler filter with an oxidation catalyst and temperature control for the engine’s exhaust. This system allows it to capture and get rid of pollutants in the air.

The auto-shutdown feature also prevents wasting of fuel when the machine is not in use. Finally, all resin parts can be recycled with defined markings for ease of achieving such purpose.

Improved Comfort

Hitachi understands that operators have a tough job; sometimes, they just want to feel comfortable in their seat. It is specifically what the ZX360LC provides. This model comes with an air suspension seat that can be easily adjusted, so it moves further than before. There is also more legroom while in the pressurised cab, which keeps dust and other particles out.

The excavator also has its own AM/FM stereo radio. You can even pump up the volume when you listen to music. Thanks to the addition of the auxiliary terminal, you can connect your MP3 player and other devices.


The ZX360LC is all under your control with visual aid through the seven-inch LCD colour monitor. It is multi-functional and gives a wide range of information that you need, such as the status of the machine. You can also change the settings, including a choice of 32 languages.

The switches and panels remain ergonomic for smooth operation. The related controls are grouped, and you can easily reach for them using your right hand.

Hitachi has always been a trusted name in construction machinery. Showcasing what 40+ years of experience and industry knowledge can do, the ZX360LC Hydraulic Excavator confirms Hitachi’s commitment to excellence.

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