Hitachi ZX225USLC Hydraulic Excavator

Hitachi takes feedback from its users and customers seriously. The ZX225USLC hydraulic excavator is a result of listening to business owners and operators in the construction industry. The brand’s experts in research and innovation have incorporated various features. They are designed to meet the needs of the users of construction machinery in terms of productivity and versatility./

The ZX225USLC is also the machine to go for when sustainability, safety, and comfort are the priorities of your business. It is one of Hitachi’s most cost-effective models with a promise of easy maintenance.

The Hitachi ZX225USLC is a part of the ZAXIS-5 range. Therefore, it delivers quality and efficiency in one giant machine. It is the hydraulic excavator you need that can take on the challenges of tough working conditions.

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The ZX225USLC and Its Features

Hitachi is well-known for its understanding of many industries and sectors, including construction machines.
The ZX225USLC is a product of years of research and dedication to the end-users.

This hydraulic excavator has everything you need to keep the project going. It is designed to safely and accurately manoeuvre according to the operator’s specifications and is user-friendly as well. With the range of features, it is easy to see why this machine can deliver a high level of productivity with minimum downtime.

Here is a breakdown of this excavator’s top features:

High Efficiency

The ZX225USLC works fast without consuming a lot of fuel no matter where the job is, such as in urban areas and forestry. Its short-tail swing has a radius extending the machine’s capability to perform its tasks in construction and earth moving – even in tight spaces.

Low Fuel Use

TRIAS hydraulic systems are created with fuel efficiency in mind. Compared to the ZAXIS P-mode from Hitachi, the ZX225USLC uses less fuel by up to 17% even when PWR mode is on. For higher reduction in fuel consumption, turn on ECO mode to get as much as 25% savings. Of course, it delivers the same level of productivity, even with lower fuel use.

Versatility at Its Finest

It is easy to use attachments with the Hitachi ZX360LC. You can register up to 11 modes on its LCD monitor for straightforward attachment control. Plus, there are two extra spools located in the control valve to make installations a breeze.

Smooth and Fast Operation

The ZX225USLC is one of Hitachi’s medium excavators that can provide fast and responsive controls without compromising the intended results. It features a hydraulic boosting system among other hydraulic systems in the machine, which increases the speed of the arm roll-in in low-load conditions. It also comes with a power boost that can augment the existing capacity by up to 10%. As a result, it gives and maintains an incredibly high level of performance.

Wide Range of Attachments

This machine accepts many different additions that can easily be fitted. The LCD makes it simpler to monitor all registered modes. Plus, two auxiliary spools allow the use of attachments that may need large volumes of oil.

Compact and Versatile

Compared to several conventional models, the ZX225USLC hydraulic excavator is suitable for any job site. It works even in constricted spaces, such as road construction projects, demolition, and other areas where space is limited. The size is just right for these sites. Plus, the machine also has few protrusions both at the front and back. You can even have a truck positioned near its tracks, which also helps improve the efficiency of loading.

Sustainable System

The ZX225USLC is part of Hitachi’s commitment to minimising the impact of construction equipment on the environment. It complies with all major emission control guidelines and helps keep the air pollution-free while operating. It is all possible with the muffler filter affixed to the machine, which takes the pollutants in the air and burns them.

The equipment also comes with high volume cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), along with the variable geometry turbocharger. Together, these features allow the reduction of dangerous nitrous oxide levels in the worksite.

Aside from emission control, the machine also lowers its noise generation, thanks to the Auto Shut-down feature.

Productivity Booster

Hitachi also puts an emphasis on finding the correct balance between profitability, the demands of the users, and the effects on the planet. It is why the ZX225USLC is created to ensure that it aids in achieving this perfect balance.

The machine is powerful, yet has a minimal impact on the environment. It does not consume too much fuel with its TRIAS hydraulic system. With lower costs involved, the business can focus on other expenses other than the construction equipment.

More importantly, it helps reduce downtime, which is a disastrous event in any construction project. With a high level of efficiency, environmentally-friendly operations, and low fuel use, this machine is one of the keys towards a more profitable business.


Jobs at construction sites are not always easy, which is why Hitachi considers the comfort of machine operators. Take a seat inside the ZX225USLC, and you will immediately feel the difference in a comfortable environment. It has abundant legroom while offering complete visibility for safety and peace of mind.

The controls are ergonomic and placed strategically, so operators do not have to reach for them, especially during crucial times. The functionality of the machine is guaranteed to be user-friendly. Even first-time operators will find it easy to manoeuvre.

The Hitachi ZX225USLC is durable and fit for all working conditions. It is used in worksites where there is minimal space. This machine is for businesses that want to utilise a powerful engine that can boost productivity and profitability.

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