EX-29 Hitachi ZX55U

For more than four decades, Hitachi has been delivering top quality machines to serve a wide variety of industries. The company has high standards and produces quality machinery that is versatile and tough. The EX-29 Hitachi ZX55U is ideal for jobs requiring a sturdy mini excavator that has enough power to tackle whatever the machine encounters.

Durability and Features

  • Boom cylinder guard
  • Reinforced front joints to increase durability
  • Improved swing post
  • Battery disconnect switch for safe maintenance
  • Easy access covers for the engine and radiator
  • Quick access to the control valve and engine thanks to a tilting floor
  • Soil-free truck structure creates a clean undercarriage
  • Hydraulic pilot controls designed for easy reach and smooth operation
  • Large cab with a wide entrance
  • Enhanced visibility from large windows
  • LED lights offer a longer life than halogen bulbs
  • Quick cycle time
  • Easy to read LCD monitor displays important information
  • Short tail swing radius
  • Advanced energy-saving system
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  • Adjustable sliding seat
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Folding foot peddles
  • Front sun visor
  • Climate control
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Hydraulic pilot controls
  • Minimised noise in the cab
  • 70-litre fuel tank
  • One upper roller on each side
  • Four lower rollers on each side
  • Maximum travel speed in high is 4.2 km/h
  • Low travel speed is 2.5 km/h
  • 58 per cent continuous gradeability
  • Tractor-type undercarriage
  • Maximum digging depth 3530 - 3 830 mm

Environmentally Conscious

  • EGR and muffler filter reduce particulate matter as well as NOx
  • A common rail system optimises the use of the engine to increase fuel efficiency
  • Isochronous control features greatly reduces fuel consumption
  • Dual speeds
  • Short tail swing radius allows for work in tight spaces
  • Advanced energy-saving system
  • Automatic idle
  • Created with easy maintenance in mind
All of our machines receive a double-check for safety as well as performance before ESM sends it to a job site. In the unlikely event that the EX-29 Hitachi ZX55U does not meet your standards and fails to perform or if you experience maintenance problems, be sure to contact ESM right away. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you and get your job site moving.

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