EX- 24 Komatsu PC 138

Komatsu created the PC138 to bring performance and efficiency to the work site, even if the area is confined. The short tail swing profile design allows maximum maneuverability is areas such as urban areas, under bridges, and on roadways.

Durability and Features

  • ROPS cab
  • Automatic deceleration
  • Front light
  • Cooling fan with guard
  • Pump engine partition cover
  • Monitor panel
  • High rigidity
  • Round profile front and back
  • Swing holding break
  • Easy maintenance features
  • Dustproof net for oil cooler and radiator
  • Hydraulic Mechanical Intelligence System
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Maintaining a safe and comfortable work environment is essential. The Komatsu PC 138 offers a number of features that enhance comfort.

  • A large cab with a wide doorway for easy access
  • A bi-level automatic air conditioner will keep the operator’s head and feet cool
  • Pressurised cab to eliminate exposure to dust
  • Viscous cab mounts to reduce vibration and absorb shocks
  • Rigid cab absorbs sound
  • Multi-position controls
  • The double-sided mechanism means the seat and controllers can move separately or in unison with each other
  • Water-cooled four-cycle engine
  • Steering with two levers and pedals
  • Automatic dust evacuator
  • Hydraulic track adjuster
  • Short-tail swing profile
  • Motor for travel two-piston hydraulic type
The EX- 24 Komatsu PC 138 delivers power and precision to a wide variety of work sites.
  • Designed to create minimal lane obstruction during roadwork
  • Slope finishing work is easy because of a large digging height
  • Smooth travel on all types of terrain
  • Enhanced dumping range
  • Efficient demolition execution
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