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When you need to hire an excavator for your construction site, you have found the best provider with current model well-maintained machines. Hire any of our excavators that come in varying sizes and capacities, from 1.5 tonnes to 20 tonnes.

We carry the top manufacturers and brands in the industry, including the ZX225USLC and ZX360LC Hydraulic Excavators from the world-renowned Hitachi brand, 2014 CAT 305.5ECR and the 2016 CAT 301.4C.

These high-performing machines will allow you to finish your job quicker and easier than before.

Very Versatile Machines

Excavators may not look like a versatile piece of equipment. They appear to have one purpose, and it is to excavate. In reality, though, excavators have many uses apart from digging. You may usually find them at construction sites, but they can also be used in mining and forestry. Pipeline industries also utilise the machine for various purposes.

The task that the excavator can perform will differ based on its type. For instance, a tracked excavator, which has a dipper stick, cap, bucket, and boom, is mostly used for handling materials and demolishing houses.

Meanwhile, if you plan to use the machine for forestry work, you can use a hydraulic attachment for cutting bushes and mulching among other tasks.

Excavators are a must for your project. Make things easier for you and your workers with the help of our excavators. Hire one and allow it to help you finish your job, no matter how small or big it may be. Contact ESM Resources for the best options in excavator machines today.


  • Length for travel 3688 mm
  • Height including the operator cab 2296 mm
  • 18.9 l fuel tank
  • High travel speed 4km/h
  • Low travel speed 2 km/h
  • Dig depth maximum of 2.6 m
  • 10.4 kW horsepower
  • Operating weight of 1953 kg

CAT 305.5E Mini Hydraulic Excavator

  • CAT C2.4 DI engine featuring high fuel efficiency
  • 32kW Net power rating
  • 12-volt electrical system
  • Standard ambient-temperature cooling system
  • Heavy-duty frame structures

EX- 10 CAT 301.4C Mini Hydraulic Excavator

  • Load sensing hydraulic system
  • Reduced vibration
  • 17.9kW engine
  • Boom cylinder mounted above the boom structure

EX- 24 Komatsu PC 138

  • Water-cooled four-cycle engine
  • Steering with two levers and pedals
  • Automatic dust evacuator
  • Hydraulic track adjuster
  • Short-tail swing profile
  • Motor for travel two-piston hydraulic type

EX-29 Hitachi ZX55U

  • 70-litre fuel tank
  • One upper roller on each side
  • Four lower rollers on each side
  • Maximum travel speed in high is 4.2 km/h
  • Low travel speed is 2.5 km/h
  • 58 per cent continuous gradeability
  • Tractor-type undercarriage
  • Maximum digging depth 3530 - 3 830 mm

Environmentally Conscious

  • EGR and muffler filter reduce particulate matter as well as NOx
  • A common rail system optimises the use of the engine to increase fuel efficiency
  • Isochronous control features greatly reduces fuel consumption

THE EX-13 CAT 308E

  • Engine- CAT C3.3B
  • Net power- 48.5 kW
  • Bore- 94mm
  • Stroke- 120mm
  • Displacement- 3.33l
  • Operating weight-8333kg
  • Gradeability- 30 per cent
  • Ground pressure-36.3 kPa
  • Travel speed high- 5.26 km/h
  • Travel speed low- 3.32 km/h
  • Fuel tank 125 l
  • Hydraulic tank 82 l
  • Hydraulic system 94 l

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