DZ-05 CAT D8T Dozer

In 1925, the Caterpillar company began rolling out the most durable and intelligently designed heavy equipment. Throughout the decades, Caterpillar’s commitment to excellence in products and service is as strong as it was in 1925.

One excellent example of Caterpillar at its best is the CAT D8T Dozer. The D8T has all of the power you need on your job site along with the versatility to tackle whatever tough jobs come its way.

Durability and Features

The CAT D8T Dozer comes with a wealth of features which will make it a welcome addition to your work site.
  • Automatic ripper control to help reduce operator fatigue
  • Engine idle shutdown timer that helps save on fuel costs
  • A single hand control for all speed and turning input allows for fast maneuvering and speed changes on the ground Automatic emissions reduction
  • A factory ARO offers brackets, mounting locations and hardware to make installing an aftermarket grade control system fast
  • Slope Assist will maintain an established blade position without a GPS
  • Remote control operation available through COMMAND for Dozing
  • Custom striker bars, guarding, and seals protect against impact and flying debris
  • Increased durability to handle more weight and increase productivity
  • The Elevated Sprocket undercarriage helps to maintain machine balance while extending the machine durability
  • Rear implement valves allow for a ripper or a hydraulic winch without any tradeoff in the machine performance or changes
  • Increased steering torque
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Because your workers’ matter, CAT offers the following equipment to enhance operator comfort.

  • Interior climate control
  • Access to lighting switch at ground level
  • Comfortable steps, handrail, and guardrails into the cab
  • Rear vision camera available
  • Cylinder mounted mirrors
  • Electronic fluid verification to save going in and out of the cab to check
  • A standard operator presence detection system will lock the power train if there is no operator present inside the cab
  • Net Power-264kW
  • Operating weight- 39,750 kg
  • Fuel Tank- 627 litres
  • Ground Pressure (ISO 16754)- 89.6 kPa
  • Blade with semi-universal capacity- 10.3m3
  • Semi universal width over end bits- 4042mm
  • Universal with rock guard wear plate capacity- 11.8m3
  • Universal with rock guard wear plate width over end bits- 4265mm
  • LGP SU Landfill capacity- 22.2m3
  • LGP SU Landfill width over end bits- 4543mm
Accomplish more on your job site with these useful features
  • VisionLink lets you access job site information from anywhere. This helps you make decisions about various aspects of your job site
  • Product Link gathers data from the machine that you can view online
  • Completely automatic four-speed transmission. Once you set the ground speed, the tractor will manage the settings for optimal performance
  • By eliminating the need to upshift or downshift, newer operators can experience a more straightforward transition to the machine
  • 13 per cent more drawbar power on the ground because of the new transmission
  • Available high debris engine filter to eliminate plugging
  • An automatic reversing fan now standard
  • Modular transmission, grouped service parts, and ground-level service centre all make maintaining the D8T quick and easy
Here at ESM, we check and double-check out vehicles before they go to your job site. Our staff does the prescribed regular maintenance on all of our fleets. However, we understand that even under the best circumstances, unforeseen complications arise. Please contact us if you discover anything on our vehicles not up to your expectations and we will promptly address your concerns.

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