Bulldozer Hire

Bulldozers are among the most common pieces of heavy equipment that you can usually find on a construction or mine site. From the eyes of a novice, dozers look like other types of construction equipment. However, they have distinct characteristics that set them apart from the rest.

Bulldozers, or simply dozers, have a flat blade at its front. This blade is moveable. The hydraulic arms of the motor can lift this large, flat blade. Its tracks, which it runs on, can also raise or move the edge.

A distinct feature of a dozer is that it does not have wheels. Therefore, it runs on its tracks, which give it extra hard traction against the ground.

Dozers are among the most used pieces of equipment in a worksite because they are efficient. They can perform a variety of tasks as well, such as moving earth. Bulldozers can handle large amounts of soil, and they do so by pushing the material and positioning it on the blade before moving to the designated place.

This process saves a lot of time for workers since they do not have to rely entirely on a backhoe. Often, however, dozers are used together with a backhoe or other machines. They would lift the material out before setting it on the ground. Then, the bulldozer will push it to the desired location.

ESM Resources offer dozers for hire, including the 2012 CAT D8T Dozer. Contact us for more information.

DZ-04 CAT D8T Dozer

  • Operating weight 39,795kg
  • Standard ground clearance 613mm
  • The width of the tractor over trunnions 3057mm
  • Fuel tank capacity 643 L
  • Moderate service shoe type
  • Decelerator pedal
  • Digging depth 575mm
  • Ground clearance 1225mm
  • A structure to prevent rollovers

DZ-05 CAT D8T Dozer

  • Net Power-264kW
  • Operating weight- 39,750 kg
  • Fuel Tank- 627 litres
  • Ground Pressure (ISO 16754)- 89.6 kPa
  • Blade with semi-universal capacity- 10.3m3
  • Semi universal width over end bits- 4042mm
  • Universal with rock guard wear plate capacity- 11.8m3
  • Universal with rock guard wear plate width over end bits- 4265mm
  • LGP SU Landfill capacity- 22.2m3
  • LGP SU Landfill width over end bits- 4543mm

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