Construction Plant Equipment Hire

The construction industry mostly deals with project-based businesses. Keeping an eye on the bottom line is of utmost importance. It is why smart project managers understand the essence of hiring equipment, instead of purchasing. What happens here is they do not have to commit themselves to the equipment required over the long term.

Current Trends in
Construction Equipment Rental

A cat skid steer clean and ready to go for a construction site.

The 2008 global recession affected tons of businesses and industries, including construction. It took a toll on both residential and commercial projects. They were already slated to begin but were then put to a sudden halt.

Thankfully, the economy started improving, and construction projects are back on track. We have seen the demand for construction equipment significantly increasing over the last decade.

But rather than buying, businesses opted for a more affordable and clever approach.

survey with more than 70,000 respondents said they were more inclined to rent than purchase heavy construction equipment.

The same analysis showed that the popularity of equipment rentals surged by a rate of 400%. Participants were made of procurement officers, managers, CEOs, and business owners.

Additionally, the most popular rentals were those versatile pieces of equipment. It means they could perform more than one function. An example is a bulldozer, which is used for moving earth, as well as levelling soil and debris.

Bulldozers are valuable in construction, and they can use a variety of attachments, such as:

  • Straight blade, which is short with no lateral curve and side wings for fine grading
  • Universal blade (U-blade), which tall and curved with large side wings for carrying material around the site
  • Combination blade, which combines both straight and universal blades

Aside from bulldozers, construction equipment also includes the following options:

A bulldozer for hire in the construction industry.

The Unparallel Benefits of
Dry Hire in Construction

Excavator hired on a construction site for transportable homes.

Understandably, you cannot have all those pieces of equipment in your yard. If you are running on a per-project basis, it truly does not make sense to own a lot of the machinery mentioned.

They will typically stay in the yard unused. Even if they remain dormant for weeks or months, it is your duty to make sure they are well-maintained and repaired, if required. Of course, it means you have to shell out some money, which may not be in your budget plan.

For this reason, construction managers turn to ESM Resources for dry hire equipment. We have a number of equipment options that will serve you well on your construction project. Because they are for rent, the machines are correctly maintained when you receive them. You can be sure they will meet your performance expectations.

Meeting Fast-Paced
Construction Demands

Construction projects require quick turnaround times. However, you cannot complete them unless you have a robust and reliable plant machine. It should be ready to go to work when you hire. ESM Resources ensures that all types of equipment are in good condition and feature the latest technology.

Plant and machine will only be operated by a professional you trust. Be aware that under the model WHS Act, all workers should have undergone white card training, including heavy equipment operators.

Through dry hire with ESM Resources, you can use the right machine you need for your project.

Hitachi ZX225USLC Hydraulic Excavator 3

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