Civil Construction Equipment Hire

Civil construction is under the civil engineering category. It is about designing and constructing the building environment, both in the physical and natural aspects. It also involves maintenance of the site.

For civil engineers, civil construction is an art, which encompasses the construction of different structures, including dams, buildings, roads, canals, and airports, among others. Construction engineers, however, have to work onsite to ensure that the plans of the civil engineers are employed. This way, they can complete the project based on the requirements, including federal, state, and local codes.

Civil construction needs heavy equipment to be successful. Although the projects are often large and extensive, they take place infrequently. Also, these projects may use different types of equipment, leaving the purchased ones unused in the storage yard.

A bulldozer for hire useful for civil construction projects.

To avoid this particular issue, construction managers simply hire the equipment they require. The ability to select the equipment based on the project and its requirements makes dry hire an attractive option. Some of the machines that you can hire include:

An enclosed mini-excavator for hire at ESM resources.


Excavators are perhaps the most critical piece of equipment in the construction industry. They are widely used because the jobs typically involve excavating the earth. But other than this purpose, they can also help in different tasks, such as demolition, cutting trees, and heavy lifting.


A backhoe is another popular machine suitable for various purposes. Its name implies the hoe arrangement is behind the vehicle instead of the usual, which is at the front. The loading bucket takes its place. Backhoes are useful in excavating trenches that are lower than the level of the machine. The front bucket is for loading and unloading materials.


Road construction often utilises motor graders to level the surface of the soil. It has a horizontal blade located in the front and rear wheels. When operating a grader, the blade is lowered to the ground to serve its purpose. It is also used to remove dirt or snow and to flatten the soil before asphalt layering.

A large brand new grader for hire for all types of construction.
A bulldozer for hire useful for civil construction projects.


Dozers or bulldozers are soil excavating equipment. Their primary use is to remove the topsoil layer until the desired depth is reached. The full metal plate performs this soil removal with a sharp edge at the front of the machine. The operator can lower or raise the plate using the equipment’s hydraulic pistons. Dozers are useful in any construction project because of their versatility.


Civil construction uses loaders to load materials and put them on trucks, dumpers, and similar vehicles. These materials can be anything from excavated soil to demolition waste. Loaders normally have a large-sized bucket located at the front and have shorter arms.

A loader with an attachment fitted ready for hire.

Dry Hire Civil Construction Equipment

When you need certain pieces of equipment for your civil construction project, you may want to go for dry hire instead. The concept is to get the machines and rent them out without the operator.

The machinery you need will be delivered to your site. It becomes your responsibility from that point to have a professional operator with proper training and other requirements until you return it.

Here at ESM Resources, we provide you with the equipment you need for your civil construction project. All machines are in presentable, safe, and working condition. Before delivery, we make sure that they are serviced and cleaned so you can have the peace of mind during your operations.

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