Hiring plant equipment seems like a straightforward process. But it consists of many layers that you need to tackle to wind up with the best choice there is. Here at ESM Resources, we have all sorts of equipment for various industries, namely mining, construction and civil construction.

You may already know which machine you need, whether it is a water cart, wheel loader, or service truck. But are you aware that hiring can either be “wet” or “dry”? Which is a better selection for your project, as well as your budget? We have the answers right here on the blog post “What is Dry Hire?” We elaborate on these two options and give you reasons why one of them is the smarter route to take.

Our blog also covers many tips and tricks that we know are valuable to our clients. Since excavators are among our most popular machines, we have blog posts about them, including Hired Excavator Problems and What to Do About Them.

Check back often, so you get the latest updates and useful information for all your plant hire needs.

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